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(Participates In EU , Litauen DoD Program For FLYING AMMUNITION )

Jetcopter's loitering missile offers stealth capabilities, greater accuracy , smaller price.

Time in air : 30 - 60 min
Distance till target : 10 - 20 km
Payload : 1 - 10 kg


You don't need to sent soldiers and large expensive vehicles - sent KRAKEN RCV. Compact, heavy armoured, very manoeuvrable robotic combat platforms are capable to perform many missions much safer and much more effectively and efficiently.

Calibre: 30mm
Autonomy: 30 days
Armor: same as large wheeled infantry vehicles


Large military vehicles are very harmful and short living in the battlefield. To risk with expensive vehicles + many soldiers = unacceptable costs.
RCVs to replace squads of soldiers in the battlefield. You don't need to sent soldiers and large expensive vehicles - sent KRAKEN RCV.


Let's meet in Berlin, innovation, aviation and defence show.

Saudi Arabia wants much more locally produced arms.

Between 2015 and 2019, KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) has been the largest arms importer in the world.

As localisation efforts are being supported by Saudi Vision 2030, the defence market presents significant opportunities with targets set to increase local military procurement by 48%.

Jetcopter new generation tiltrotor design draw large attention from many countries at the World Defence Show 2022 in Riyadh.

4 Days Left Till The WORLD DEFENCE SHOW In Riyadh , Saudi Arabia .

During such challenging times so many countries already confirmed much bigger budgets for defence .
The VTOL's are part of strategic defence .
Show in Riyadh is right on time !

Jetcopter model is preparing for the trip.

The new tech tiltrotor with much lower operating costs.
Stand E5.


JETCOPTER consortium was created in EU for the new high speed VTOL production. EU aerospace industry companies from various EU countries to supply components for JETCOPTER final assembly.

To Win A Modern World Conflicts Need The Faster VTOL.

To be faster you need to be lighter and more powerful.
Due novel stabilization system Jetcopter tiltrotor won't need anymore the cross shafts and bunch of gearboxes . That's why aircraft will weight for about 2000 kg (4400lbs) less compared to same size other tiltrotors.
2 x powerful and effective SAFRAN ARDIDEN 3TP engines to have 15% lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (over current engines)

JETCOPTER is the only company participated in all the most important high speed military VTOL programs :
USA (AFWERX HS VTOL for SOCOM operations)
EU ( European Defence Fund - next gen HS VTOL platform) .

We do the fastest VTOL .

JETCOPTER Is Participator Of 2 Defence HS VTOL Programs :

We engineer the new tech tiltrotors for the military applications - faster , safer , dominant.

JETCOPTER tiltrotor will be the hard target for anti aircraft missiles .
The lowest in industry signature/detectability together with the thermal trace elimination tech and other counteractions , will highly increase the survivability of JETCOPTER VTOL aircraft.
Visit booth E9 at World Defence Show March 6-9th , 2022 in Riyadh for more info.

In December Jetcopter Participated In The New EDF Military High Speed VTOL Platform Program.

Newly opened European Defence Fund (EDF)with total budget of 1.2B euros announced call for next generation VTOL platform ( to propose problem solutions - helicopters are too slow and old tech , tiltrotors are too expensive ).

Jetcopter works for 8 years in the field of next generation faster VTOL. JETCOPTER patented stabilization system will allow to remove all gearboxes and shafts - 2000 kg less weight on construction.
And other important improvements = very competitive , fastest and most efficient tiltrotor construction on the market . Greatly reduced MRO costs .


Tilt rotors are the most modern VTOL's .
All world countries would be happy to equip their armies with tiltrotors.
They solved helicopters main issue - low speed , but at what costs ?
At the costs of everything !
1 tilt rotor = 10 helicopters.
Jetcopter to solve tiltrotors high price issue . 1 tiltrotor = 1 helicopter price.


* Slow to start
* Complex and slow in production
* Not efficient - have no wings
* Not modular , not possible to fix in the field .
* Not safe - no parachute life saving systems.
* Loud
* High purchase and operational costs
* Overall operations in high risk level
* Pilot shortage , long, expensive learnings and trainings ,
* High qualification pilots only
* Piloting is still helicopter like = hard .

Much lover acquisition , maintenance and operational costs.
Quieter , at landing stage could even glide .
Higher survivability capabilities - fly with 1 engine down , take off CTOL with 1 engine
Simpler controls - less workload.
Fully automation in hovering controlling for lower workloads;
Much safer mission standards - less points of failure , less complex construction.
High components standardizing.
Faster production
Have low signature/detectability
Lower production costs
Modular construction for easy field maintenance , all main components could be replaced in short time .
Will not require highly trained pilots.

Helicopters Are Part Of Today's Strategic Defence Equipment.

World's leading countries are at the cusp of changing old VTOL platforms to the new.
Despite tiltrotors VTOL's were developed , authorities still are looking for other more affordable alternatives . Jetcopter is alternative to the newest tiltrotors .

Jetcopter Aircrafts Ready To Storm On UAM , RAM , Military VTOL Markets.

7 models in the range - CTOL , STOL , VTOL , eVTOL.
From super efficient single prop CTOL to multiprop electric VTOL.
All aircrafts based on novel production technologies :
2 times production costs reducing ,
2-3 times shorter production timing vs regular.