1.Jetcopter’s Next Gen Rotorcraft activities are under close scrutiny by numerous (various kind of )* countries. As a result, our ability to share public information has been significantly restricted.

2. Jetcopter Next Gen Rotorcraft activity is also very closely studied by the major rotorcraft industry companies for the purpose of free know how , thus we are limiting our latest research info regarding Next Gen Rotorcraft Concept.

Our June 2023 insights and remarks :

  1. 1. Despite massive evtol participators celebration at PARIS AIRSHOW 2023 and loud declarations about certification executing and airtaxi business starting in 2025 , their reality isn’t optimistic . The gliders with numbers of attached props won’t be a sustainable airtaxi business solution . The second wave of evtol developers will bring much more exited evtol capabilities , while the first wave designs will remain just as the new air mobility promoters , ice breakers and high level financial management samples.
  2. 2. Electric motors allowed to boom the EV industry , much of evtol dreamers expected to repeat such success in the sky , but reality is crue – they forgot about the gravity laws , they will need to fight.
  3. 3. The sustainable aerospace industry conclusions about electric flights are stone pessimistic :
  4. 4. more on the way…