* Slow to start
* Complex and slow in production
* Not efficient – have no wings
* Not modular , not possible to fix in the field .
* Not safe – no parachute life saving systems.
* Loud
* High purchase and operational costs
* Overall operations in high risk level
* Pilot shortage , long, expensive learnings and trainings ,
* High qualification pilots only
* Piloting is still helicopter like = hard .

Much lover acquisition , maintenance and operational costs.
Quieter , at landing stage could even glide .
Higher survivability capabilities – fly with 1 engine down , take off CTOL with 1 engine
Simpler controls – less workload.
Fully automation in hovering controlling for lower workloads;
Much safer mission standards – less points of failure , less complex construction.
High components standardizing.
Faster production
Have low signature/detectability
Lower production costs
Modular construction for easy field maintenance , all main components could be replaced in short time .
Will not require highly trained pilots.