NATO’s Next Generation Rotorcraft Capability (NGRC) program attempts to find better VTOL aircraft

JETCOPTER is officially registered NATO NGRC program participator.

NGRC or Next Generation Rotorcraft Capability is a competitive program, where we are competing as JETCOPTER, next gen high speed VTOL developer, startup company.

The NGRC requirement has set a new standards that physically aren’t achievable for the regular helicopters design.

The most challenging targets are the range and speed.
NATO 2.0 rotorcraft must be able to fly twice the distance of current helicopters, which is around 1650 km, and reach a speed of 220 knots or more than 400 km/h. While second is achievable by compound helicopters design , the flying distance of 1650km is still unreachable.

Airbus recently announced that the new helicopter’s Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) could exceed 17000 kg (fuel alone is more than 6000 kg ) to meet these requirements,

In addition to meet these performance targets, the NGRC also demands high efficiency to prevent high aircraft operating costs that plagued the NH-90 program.

The program aims to limit the operating costs to $5000-10000/h, which limits the recent tiltrotors’ advantages, even though they are fast and have a good range.

Overall with the many specific other requirements, the NGRC program is extremely challenging.

High-Speed Vertical Take-Off and Landing (HS VTOL) innovations will be essential for the NATO 2.0 generation high-speed VTOL aircraft engineering.


JETCOPTER is novel high speed VTOL tech developer.
Due reasons JETCOPTER participates in competitive program , there will be less info about the latest JETCOPTER high speed VTOL achievements.
We are sorry for that .

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