The VTOL Air forces of USA, CANADA, ITALY, GERMANY, FRANCE, GREECE and UK do not want to fly the
“old fashion” helicopters anymore.
Instead of that they state:
everybody is looking for that revolutionary step in technology that gives the benefit of speed and range from traditional fixed-wing, but also gives you the low speed, maneuverability, and flexibility of vertical takeoff and landing that rotorcraft have traditionally been able to provide.
The USA is now in finishing its FLRAA program, the VTOL pilots will be happy to fly the new fashion VTOLs.
The NATO following USA and just released NGRC (next generation rotorcraft concept ) program as NATO pilots also do not want to be the old fashions flying on old style bricks.
The Canada is watching on both – FLRAA and NGRC what to choose.
The rest of world VTOL air force also in deep watching what will happen soon with their helicopter fleet.
Nobody wants to be slow anymore and agreed to trade some payload for x3 speed.
JETCOPTER TILTOROR is engineered for much higher speeds with much more efficient costs.
In 2023 JETCOPTER will be ready to fight for the most efficient high speed rotorcraft concept.
We are ready !
Do you came with us to the new era – era of the fast VTOLs , Tiltrotors era .