NATO NGRC (Next Generation Rotorcraft Concept) program is the VTOL game changer

Next generation rotorcraft program participator

NATO NGRC program 2023 is the largest event dedicated to the new rotorcraft concept developing . With the participation of the whole global VTOL industry , aerospace components production companies and JETCOPTER VTOL innovations startup company.

NATO set the very high standards for its new VTOL concept , set many new required and desired attributes . Recently no any VTOL aircraft (compound helicopter or tiltrotor ) is capable to meet them.

Further more , NATO set condition to accept only totally novel VTOL concept construction, that is not in use recently. To pick larger loads , to fly faster and further and to confirm the construction feasibility with much tech info.

It is the very hard task , but it is the exact on what JETCOPTER is working for long time.

After the presentation event on Sep 26-28th , 3 companies will be selected to proceed with concept evaluation in early 2024.